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Ambassador Program

With Beautifymed’s referral program, you can easily earn Credit vouchers for referring new patients to us. For every new referral who undergoes a surgical procedure with Beautifymed, you – the Ambassador – will earn an Credit voucher. Additionally, each referral will receive a discount on their surgical procedure in Istanbul Turkey!

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How Does The Ambassador Program Work?
It is very simple and easy to join the Beautifymed Ambassador Program. You will receive rewards for referring friends, colleagues, customers, followers, and subscribers to us. 

Ambassadors earn referral vouchers as soon as their referred patient departs from the medical facility.


What Do You & Your Friend Get?

- If the Candidate undergoes a surgical procedure with Beautifymed, you and the Candidate can receive the loyalty reward.


How does work out Beautifymed's Ambassador Program payment reward structure ?

-You: every single new operation will be 100 credits *.

– Your referral: $ 100 discount from total expense.

How Are Reports and Payments Done?

You may request to receive monthly reports on how many leads were generated by your promotion and how many of those leads underwent surgery. The monthly referral payment is provided directly by   Beautifymed.

You can email or book a callback to get more information on this program.

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